alexandra.kolackovaBorn 1964, Czech Republic.

­­Owner of Alexandra Kolackova ATELIER


1982 – 1987 Palacky University Olomouc, Faculty of Education, Department of Art Education (ceramics).
1988 – 1989 Practice in ceramic manufacture
2001 – Symposium Tradition and Posibilities, Porcelain, a.s. Dubí

Alexandra Koláčková ATELIER

Is a sculpture studio whose work is unique in the Czech artistic environment. It persistently promotes the use of ceramics as the final material for its projects in public spaces.
In the countries of the Mediterranean and other warm regions, this material is widely used but in our country must face the complications associated with temperature fluctuations, especially in the winter months. However, A. K. Atelier pays utmost attention to technological issues and guarantees high quality craftsmanship in any climate.

Alexandra goes their own way in her acts of creation and develops an original combination of traditional craftsmanship techniques and modern technological processes.

Alexandra Koláčková ATELIER's work is the result of more than twenty years of experience in the field and is focused on especially large-format sculptures from ceramic and concrete displayed in a public environment.

Alexandra Koláčková's artistic concept consists of an expressive color range, simple rounded shapes and an element of play that is almost always omnipresent.

In dehumanized and often drab public spaces, its sculptures create excitement and interest for positive, optimistic members of the public.

Alexandra Koláčková ATELIER was founded in 1990, initially as a ceramic studio. In 1999, the first sculpture for a public space was made. That experience was the stimulus which helped Alexandra and her atelier to expand into a range of further creative activities: designing artwork for atypical playgrounds, parks and public spaces on a wider scale. These days the main workload of our studio is focused on these projects.

In the last 15 years, Alexandra Koláčková and her team have implemented a number of artworks in public spaces, commissioned by local government and developers in the Czech Republic and the Netherlands and also outdoor sculptures for private clients.

The Alexandra Koláčková ATELIER is currently located in Janov nad Nisou, Czech Republic.


2015 – project of sculpture-playful fountain for CEVAK company in České Budejovice, Czech Republic, currently in the manufacturing process
2014  „Cat" sculpture in the castle park, Petrovice u Karvine, Czech Republic „Animalito" ceramic sculpture for the private roundabout in Brno, Sobesice, Czech R.

2012 – Large scale outdoor ceramic bench in Thermion complex, Nijmegen, The Netherlands
2011 – Water fountain in the Panská Garden Park, Stodůlky housing development, Prague, 3 giant ceramic Masks, Lužiny housing development, Prague
2010 – Torrii gates-ceramic sculptures in Kai park, Vathorst, Amersfoort. Made in cooperation with WEST8 Urban Design & Landscape architecture
2008 – "Dancing Figures" 3 big sculptures (in ceramic and bronze) in Gajerova Kasárna Park, Hradec Králové, The Czech Republic
2008 – "Calvary" (metal and stone), Bedrichov village, the Czech Republic
2007 – Natural playground with ceramic sculptures, Bedrichov village, the Czech Republic
2007 – "Mommy and Daddy" – big ceramic sculptures for the main playground in Central Park, Prague 13
2005 – "Colourful Animals" – 5 ceramic sculptures for Letná Park, Prague 5
2005 – Artistically designed playground in Stromovka Park, Prague 1
2003 – Water playground with ceramic sculptures, Lidové sady park, Liberec, the Czech Republic
2002 – Artwork in the park (ceramic and metal sculptures), Housing area revitalisation project, Liberec, the Czech Republic
2001 – Waiting area for children on public transport terminus, Liberec, The Czech Republic


2013 – ceramic chairs installation in Danube House, River City office komplex in Prague

2012 – "Big Toys" individual project, ARTPRAGUE 2012 -11th International Contemporary Art Fair in Prague
2004 – Observant Gallery, Amersfoort, the Netherlands
2000 – Ceramic exhibition, Český Krumlov Castle, the Czech Republic
1999 – Hefaistos Gallery, Děčín, Czech Republic
1998 – Studna Gallery, Liberec, Czech Republic

Various works held in private collections in the Czech Republic, the Netherlands and Germany.


2014 – Art in the city sculpture exhibition 2015, České Budejovice, Czech Republic
2013 – Designblok ´13, International Exhibition of Design and Fashion, Prague
2012 – Kladenský salon, City gallery Kladno, Czech Republic
2005 – International Exhibition of Ceramic Creations Český Krumlov, Czech Ceramic Design Agency
2001 – Salon de la Ceramique, Saint – Cerque, the Switzerland
2001 – Alexandra Koláčková and Michal Halva, Chodovská Tvrz Gallery, Prague