Alexandra Koláčková - atelier

Alexandra Koláčková atelier is a graphic and plastic arts studio we founded in 1990 with Jiri Kolacek, initially as a ceramic workshop. In the following years I went in for sculptural work, in addition to ceramic artefacts. In 1999 we accomplished the first sculpture for a public space.

That experience was a stimulus which helped to expand the activity of our original workshop into a range of further activities-designing atypical playgrounds, resting places and public spaces on a wider scale.

These days the fundamental workload of our studio is in particular about specializing in these projects. We cooperate with architects and our work has developed to the broad range of activities.

The Atelier has been transformed to Stavby Koláček s.r.o. (Construction firm) and the name Alexandra Koláčková® atelier has changed to our trademark.

Projects in public space

The main content of the work of our studio is comprised of architecturally artistic projects, either our own ones or participating in larger urban and landscape projects of individual architectural studios.

We design artistic authorial playgrounds, outside water elements (drinking fountains, fountains, water playgrounds), and we participate in artistic creation of resting areas in public spaces. Characteristic elements in such projects are mostly large and giant colourful sculptures mainly made of ceramics. These sculptures attract the attention of passers-by and visitors. Besides the aesthetic experience, these sculptures – big toys – make the public space homely, make it more familiar, playful for visitors, and they are one of the reasons why people stay there longer or come back again.

The process of inventing them, and subsequent thinking out how to make them in the most effective way is a game for us, as well as an always new intellectual challenge.

Modeling them is at the same time hard physical work. Creation and production as such consist of several phases. We get from original pencil drawings past 3D visualization to models and supporting frames on which we then put a big quantity of clay. We usually model the statues in total and then cut them into smaller parts. After being dried up, fired in the kiln, glazed and fired again, each sculpture is pieced together. The inside of large sculptures is reinforced with concrete mixture and iron fitting in accordance with a preparatory statics study. Our sculptures are made of a specially modified ceramics fireclay.

We cooperate with architects and project architects, as well as with various craftsmen provided we think it will enrich our projects from the artistic point of view. Our projects and installations are exclusively carried out by our own construction company Stavby Koláček s. r. o.

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Studio, where we work

In 2010 we bought a dilapidated building of a former wood factory in Janov nad Nisou, Czech Republic. The factory was built, as well as most of more generous premises in that small village in the Jizera Mountains, in the mid-19th century. Despite all historical turnarounds and declines connected with both world wars as well as the destructive period of socialism, the building and its surroundings still in a limited way imply traces of a local handcraft tradition. The object offers us a generous area which we have lacked so far, as well as the chance to develop our production according to our visions. We have a project for the reconstruction of the factory into a modern atelier / studio. We are realizing it gradually and with delight.