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ČSOB as a unique sculpture exhibition gallery

On December 28, 2023, we installed sculptures in the premises of ČSOB headquarters.

Seating in front of the main entrance and the Spiral at the entrance are primarily for employees. Inside, you will also encounter the Chameleon sculpture in the entrance hall, which was loaned to us for exhibition purposes by its current owner.

The ČSOB bank headquarters on Radlická Street in Prague has been transformed into a unique exhibition gallery. The newly installed exhibition showcases the artistic world of six contemporary authors. As part of the exhibition, which will continue into the spring months, guided tours will be conducted.

My sculptures are here alongside the works of Lukáš Raiss, Jiří and Vilém Frič, Richard Kočí, Ondřej Oliva, and Paulina Skavová.

I am glad to be a part of it.


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