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Reflection of Mr. Petr Hájek, mayor of Ústí nad Orlicí

Thank you for the kind words with which mayor Petr Hájek evaluates our cooperation.:

"In 2021, the construction of a new youth and children's center in Ústí nad Orlicí was completed. The city's investment, exceeding 100 million Czech crowns, was the first building project carried out in the three-hectare area of the former Perla 01 textile factory, which paradoxically is located in the immediate vicinity of the town square. During the construction, I had the vision of revitalizing the space in front of the newly emerging Youth and Children's Center with a welcoming sculpture that would bring life to the area and give it a mark of originality, essentially providing the investment with a stamp of satisfaction.

Ondřej Škarka, a native of Ústí, is behind the SCULPTURE LINE project, so it was relatively easy to establish cooperation and intersect one of the lines through our town.

The artwork by Alexandra Koláčková was a 'first choice' selection. This is precisely what I was looking for! An artwork intended for public space on a monumental scale, with playful detail, skillfully crafted, original, playful, colorful, and resilient to outdoor conditions. Artwork that invites touch, is pleasing (without being kitschy), clearly defined, and welcoming. Both sculptures, 'The Hand' and 'The Second Hand,' immediately became an integral part of the space in front of the new Youth and Children's Center. Two years after installation, the suitability of the choice and placement was unequivocally proven. The sculptures contributed to increased visitation of the site, and both hands encourage people to take photos together or sit down. They have become not only a meeting place but also a landmark defining a specific location.

Just as both hands now function in front of the Youth and Children's Center, our collaboration with the artist proceeded in a straightforward, honest, and high-quality manner, from the initial idea, through discussions and preparations, to installation. Indeed, the artwork itself creates a friendly environment, so it is no surprise that the entire collaboration was conducted in a friendly atmosphere."


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