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Cat, 2022, Brno MČ Jundrov

The city district of Jundrov was formed by connecting the village of Jundrov to Brno in the 1920s. Its rural character was most significantly disrupted by the construction of panel housing in the 1960s, which dramatically contributed to an increase in the population and the need for modern infrastructure. The village square transformed into a slightly mismatched area with shops, services, parking lots, a school, and a library. Now, the entire space is gradually gaining a new, more modern character.

In the central square in front of the municipal office, there is a small park with benches. In 2014, at the initiative of the civic association "Pod Holednou," my sculpture "Cat" was borrowed and placed here, bringing joy to local children and their parents for several months. When the sculpture was removed, based on the feedback from citizens, there was a demand from the City District and the association to create a new sculpture. I considered a different concept for the sculpture, fulfilling the same playful artistic element, especially for children. However, the motif of the Cat prevailed again. Perhaps on the Jundrov square, which is no longer a village square, cats still belong.

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