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The artworks of Alexandra Koláčková cannot be found in galleries or museums. Their purpose is different—to invigorate and refresh the spaces in which we commonly move and encounter artworks, without having to seek institutional exhibitions. Just as nothing grows by itself in nature or art, but needs its resources to draw from and then develop independently. Alexandra Koláčková gradually progressed towards monumental expression. After ten years of working in a ceramic workshop, her first exterior architectural commission suggested further development opportunities, and she seized this chance.


Alexandra Koláčková's works bear a clearly recognizable artistic signature: mostly rounded shapes, contrasting, vivid colors, and extraordinary dimensions. Alexandra Koláčková is endowed with unwavering determination and persistence. Thirty years ago, when she started focusing on ceramics, she surely did not anticipate that her sculptures would one day be presented alongside works by renowned Czech artists. However, the most important thing is that there is a great interest in her work, and her pieces resonate not only with clients but especially with people who encounter them. It's practically impossible to pass by the artworks of this sculptor unnoticed.

Milan Hlaveš

Historian and Theorist of Applied Arts and Design


Collaboration with ArtLines

ArtLines focuses on supporting the activities of professional visual artists. It creates, among other things, a platform for integrating art into public spaces. We organize the international sculpture festival SculptureLines. We aim to connect the world of art with creators of public spaces, architects, public officials, and developers.


ArtLines represents and closely collaborates with Alexandra Koláčková since 2015.

IMG-8257 (003).jpg

I first met Alexandra shortly before. From the first moment, I was captivated by her energy, openness, and her optimistic view of the world despite the complexities inherent in her demanding artistic field.


The world, as portrayed by Alexandra, is full of colors, kindness, and boundless imagination, of which we inevitably become a part when in contact with her works. Because these works are meant for us, people. They are meant for our enjoyment, not for the self-centered presentation of the artist. And in this, I see the main contribution of Alexandra Koláčková to our lives and the environment in which we move and live.


Her works, which I have come to refer to as applied art in public space, are not only technologically advanced but also incredibly original. This originality arises from a sensitive and empathetic perspective on space, materials, and especially interaction with the commissioner or recipient for whom the work is intended.


That's why her works continue to attract us, because – and I have verified and witnessed this many times – they function as radiators of positive energy, which we want to touch and warm our souls with. I would like to thank Alexandra for the trust she brings into our collaboration and for awakening the better within us.


Ondřej Škarka
Director of ArtLines

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