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Spiral, 2022, Venice Giudecca Galerie Crea

Spirally twisted shells are not only beautiful but also mysterious and inspiring. Their natural beauty and grandeur evoke a sense of humility and awe at the infinity of nature's creative force. That's why they have also become a symbol of the constantly repeating processes in nature, on our planet, and in the universe.

Likewise, the spiral is perceived as a symbol of spiritual growth for humans and life fulfillment; it symbolizes the mysterious journey into one's inner self. It can also serve as an energy radiating element or a protective talisman. In magical practice, especially the right-turning spiral, supports the effort to turn our wishes into reality. And I like this idea. I've also embedded my personal wish into it. In my rendition, it can't be anything other than joyfully multicolored and irregularly regular.

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