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Menagerie, 2005, Prague

"A few years ago, we were faced with the question of how to uplift the unattractive area adjacent to our garden restaurant near Letná Chateau. The location held a neglected and no longer suitable playground that needed to be removed. We sought a way to not only revitalize the space but also add originality and attractiveness to it, as our location is a well-known and sought-after destination for both locals and tourists. The collaboration with Atelier Alexandry Koláčkové greatly aided us in achieving this goal, as they proposed a solution that aligned with our vision. Their approach to the playground was centered around a freer interpretation of it as a place where both children and adults can express their playfulness, thus creating a more playful relaxation zone. The place with the unconventional playground immediately came to life, and today, after a few years, it can be said that it perfectly serves its purpose and is highly popular and frequently visited. It has become an unmistakable part of Letná Park and has ingrained itself in the minds of our visitors.
Jan Kroh

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